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How to activate YouTube Picture-In-Picture (PiP) on iPhone now

How to activate YouTube Picture-In-Picture (PiP) on iPhone now

Picture-In-Picture mode is very convenient for continuing to watch a YouTube video using other applications. Here’s how to use it on iPhone now.

Source: Onur Binay on Unsplash

Source: Onur Binay on Unsplash

If you have subscribed to YouTube Premium, you will not see ads on Youtube Which is already tangible, but in addition to this, you can access certain functions in advance. This is the state of Picture-In-Picture during the testing phase on iPhone Which officially started in June. As the name suggests, Picture-In-Picture or PiP allows you to keep the image and audio of a YouTube video in a small frame on the screen, while using another application. Useful if you want to track a show, but chat with friends on Discord, or follow your thread on Twitter.

On the iPhone, it is now much easier to participate in the test.

Test Picture-in-Picture Commenting on iPhone

The feature has been around for a long time on Android, but it is taking a long time to reach the iPhone. By participating in a test, it becomes easy to activate it on your Apple smartphone.

  • day meeting . page (must be YouTube Premium)
  • Chercher “Picture in Picture on iOS”
  • Choose “try”

To test the functionality on your iPhone, here is the procedure.

  • Start a YouTube video
  • Return to the Home page on your iPhone using the Touch ID button or a gesture from the bottom of the screen

How to activate YouTube Picture-In-Picture (PiP) on iPhone now

On the YouTube Experiments page, Google specifies that the PiP testing period is open until October 31. We imagine the company plans to start rolling out this functionality to all users by that date. According to Google’s promise in June, all YouTubers will be able to enjoy PiP in the US. It remains to be seen whether the openness to users of the free service will extend to Europe and France specifically.

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