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How does the digital medical record work and how to activate it?

How does the digital medical record work and how to activate it?

Have you already heard about My Health Space? My Health Space is a type of digital health record created by the authorities two years ago.

This tool allows you to keep all your health documents in one place. Professionals can download your prescriptions, hospitalization reports, or analysis results. You can also enter your medical file, or list your treatments, vaccinations, allergies, or history.

The idea is to keep all these documents and information in a safe but also safe place Facilitating the care and monitoring of patients by healthcare professionals. Today, it is estimated that more than 11 million French people have already activated their wellness space. Half of private sector doctors have already used it.

In this new episode of The Digital Golden Rule, we explain how to activate your private health space but also how you can object if you wish and what measures the authorities have taken to keep your data safe.

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