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How do we avoid fatty liver disease?

How do we avoid fatty liver disease?

The liver is an unknown organ that is diseased and causes few symptoms. However, fatty liver disease, also known as NASH, can lead to serious illnesses. Geraldine Meyer and Dr. Jimmy Muhammad interview Professor Laurent Castera to tell us about it.

The liver is an unknown organ, unlike the heart or brain. And unlike the other members, he doesn’t talk much about himself, even when he’s sick he isn’t a noisy member. But it is An essential member of our good healthBecause it not only works to filter out toxins, but also to manufacture bile and cholesterol. It can be compared to a kind of control tower for the body’s energy needs.

Thus, when the liver gets sick, it affects the whole organism. However, excess bad cholesterol “fattens” the liver, causing what’s called “fatty liver disease,” or NASH (short for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), or soda sickness.

in France, One in five people suffer from “fatty liver disease”but most often without knowing it: if left untreated, this excess can lead to serious diseases, such as cirrhosis.

How do we recognize this fatty liver disease, take care of it and above all prevent it?

To tell us about it in detail and answer these questions, Geraldine Mayer and the Dr. Jimmy Muhammad Recepion Professor Laurent Castera. He is a hepatologist at the Beaujon Hospital in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine) and author of the book How to take care of your liver. The truth about Nash
published by Dunod Editions.

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questions from listeners

the Dr. Jimmy Muhammad respond to:

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