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Inzolid has space for relaxation and sensory stimulation

Inzolid has space for relaxation and sensory stimulation

On Monday 6 December, the Institute of Medicine Teaching (IME) L’Ensoleillade organized a snack to celebrate the creation of a sensory exploration room in the main building.

Funded by the children’s clothing brand Tape à l’œil, the SnoelezenTM space will complement the facility acquired in 2019 thanks to donations from the same company. “We wanted to invest in a room that would allow children who are independent but also who have regressive profiles to work on sensory stimulation, appeasement, and well-being. This type of material is very expensive, and we are very happy to be able to get it,” Refers to Julie Olgazy, Head of Department at IME.

Cocoon for disabled youth

Developed in the Netherlands, the SnoezelenTM concept allows young mentally handicapped people to calm down in a relaxing bubble isolated from outside light. Work is done around the discovery of the five senses and usefully works on behavioral disorders. Rugs, blankets, and soft colored lights are laid out on the floor, contributing to the cozy atmosphere of this cocoon for two and a specially trained guide on installation.

The €2,800 necessary to purchase the equipment was raised thanks to the sale of “shopping bags” by the managers of Tape à l’œil stores.

And since the gift never comes alone, the brand employees present at the tea party presented several books to the children of the institute.

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