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How can sports be resumed safely in enclosed spaces?

How can sports be resumed safely in enclosed spaces?

Find your gym and gym without fear virusIs it possible? These spaces were closed for eight months, and only high-profile athletes and prescription-specific people had access to them. On May 19, outdoor and contact sports will only resume, and the next stage will be decided on June 9 with the reopening of gyms within 50% of their capacity. We will have to wait until June 30 to resume all activities. What do doctors and scientists say about the dangers of sport?

« We will have to raise the red card if the gyms reopen without masks and without a guarantee of ventilation “Warning epidemiologist Antoine Flahault. Sweating side by side and unprotected turned out to be dangerous: Thibault Violet, an epidemiologist at the University of Paris-Saclay, identified studies of infection outbreaks in sports and noted.” High attack rates during indoor sports Including a gym in Chicago, where the mask was not mandatory: he quickly switched to a group, with 55 out of 81 people infected.

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Likewise, dancing, squash or ice hockey revealed their severity in terms of contamination, with a factor exacerbating poor ventilation. On the contrary, the researcher notes: There was no case in a yoga class that seven to eight students participated in “, And from here” Hypothesis that the intensity of physical activity increases the risk of transmission ».

Wearing the mask and the barrier gestures

« Unmasked and high exhalation activity in a closed environment is stupid », Confirms Bruno Andreotti, professor of physics at the University of Paris, who remembers that the problem of virus transmission through aerosols, and the accumulation of viral particles emitted by athletes.

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« The particle emission is proportional to breathing and doubles rapidly by three when exercising “Allah says. But gyms are not doomed to all of that: They are often, like churches, very tall structures that allow a certain volume of viral particles to be stored. “Bruno Andreotti continues. Depending on the number of people and the surface, the procedures may be relatively simple, by providing Regular ventilation sessions intersect by opening the doors ».

« In lInside, there is no choice, you will have to wear the mask », Recommends Mark Rosenblatt, president of the National Federation of Sports Physicians. The protection isn’t very practical when breathing more intensely, which led Decathlon and Salomon to develop lighter-weight masks that are compatible with physical activity. but now, ” The Sports Barrier Mask is designed and tested for individual, non-contact sports », The first brand outlined in a press release on May 3: It remains to be tested in the real conditions of team sports and contact sports.

Detailed protocols for each specialty

« We can consider removing it if the sport in question allows enough space between players. Marc Rozenblat explains, but It will have to be replayed throughout the moments of rest or recovery Recommendations have already been rejected by the American Basketball Association of America, requiring players to leave the field to rest on a seat away from the bench, time to slow breathing and reduce sweating, before wearing a mask and joining a seat where the mask must be worn at all times.

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Comfortable or not, ” The mask does not protect 100% “Mark Rosenblatt, hence the need to continue applying barrier gestures, especially washing hands and turning away. There remain detailed protocols for each specialty, which have not yet been introduced by the Ministry of Sports.