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House of Representatives |  Jim Jordan was nominated as the Republican presidential candidate

House of Representatives | Jim Jordan was nominated as the Republican presidential candidate

(Washington) – Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, a member of the Trump Republican Party, announced on Friday that he had chosen his party’s nominee for Speaker of the House of Representatives during an internal vote, his party leaders announced.

The House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans in contrast to the Democratic-majority Senate, has been almost paralyzed since the surprise impeachment of its Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, on October 3, which exposed huge divisions in the party, one year before the 2024 presidential election. .

This is the second vote this week within the parliamentary group, torn between moderate elected officials and troublemakers in the orbit of former President Donald Trump.

As for the previous election, on Tuesday, it was narrowly won by Steve Scalise, the Republican majority leader in the House of Representatives elected from Louisiana, over Jim Jordan, who is particularly supported by Mr. Trump. But Mr. Scalise announced on Thursday evening that he was abandoning his candidacy because he was unable to collect enough votes to be elected “president.”

Mr Jordan beat Austin Scott, another member of the party’s conservative wing, in a secret ballot on Friday. He received 124 votes compared to 81 for his competitor, according to American media.

Photography by Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Georgia Rep. Austin Scott

Despite advocating fairly similar conservative positions, the two men were split during the vote to certify the election of Democratic President Joe Biden in 2020, which was hotly contested by Donald Trump: Jim Jordan voted against certifying the results and Austin Scott voted against certifying On the results.

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A vote in the full House of Representatives is not expected on Friday, with several elected officials from both parties leaving Washington.