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Hotels with maximum solar eclipse capacity

Hotels with maximum solar eclipse capacity

Tourists are expected to flock in large numbers to Montreal on Monday, as the weather forecast looks good for viewing the solar eclipse. In Estre, accommodation is at maximum capacity.

According to the Montreal Tourism Authority, hotel occupancy is expected to hover between 70% and 75% on Monday, a day when the moon will completely block the sun for a few moments.

In this season, the occupancy rate is usually around 55%.

Most of these reservations are last minute. “A week ago, we had not seen an increase yet,” says Aurélie de Blois, a spokeswoman for the Montreal Tourism Authority.

She explained that many had to wait until they had a better picture of the weather before planning their trips.

As the big day approaches, the weather forecast becomes clearer. Quebec should be one of the best places to see the show.

American tourists could travel to Montreal for the occasion, Aurélie de Blois predicts. Right now, the weather is expected to be mostly cloudy in the United States. Rain is also expected in Texas, a favorite destination for amateur astronomers.

“We expect people to continue booking their hotels on Sunday and Monday,” she adds.

Hotel owners will not be the only ones to benefit from the passing of the eclipse. Merchants and restaurateurs should also benefit from the presence of thousands of people on the city streets.

In Jean Drapeau Park alone, attendance is expected to reach about 150,000 people on Monday. The Montreal Science Center plans to receive another 20,000.

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“We have to have a balance sheet [des retombées économiques] In the coming weeks,” believes Aurélie de Blois.

Popular in Istrí

Accommodations are packed to capacity, notes Shani Haley, press relations coordinator at the Canton de l'Est Tourism Authority.

In Sutton, all the hotels are full. The same is true in Bromont, where there are still “a few chalets and apartments here and there” for rent. In Coaticook, foreign visitors are expected during the eclipse.

The observation sites that operate with the ticket office are, as far as we know, sold out and fully booked.

Shani Haley, Press Relations Coordinator at the Canton de l'Est Tourism Authority

In total, between 60,000 and 80,000 people can be accommodated at 57 observation sites identified and listed by the Tourism Authority of the Canton de l'Est.

This is not an estimate of traffic, but rather of the reception capacity of these sites, says MI Haley.

“With regard to estimates of the number of passengers, it is very difficult to determine that,” she explains. “In addition to the capacity of the sites, there are people who will travel and not go to the designated sites, the number of which cannot be predicted at the moment. We know that the eclipse causes the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people per A state in our southern neighbors. »