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"His problem is that he shoots farts!"  : stuck in the gas of Gerard Depardieu, the actress of balance

“His problem is that he shoots farts!” : stuck in the gas of Gerard Depardieu, the actress of balance

Emotions, gestures, smells… you remember everything as if it were yesterday! In 1989, Josiane Balasco signed one of the most important roles of her career: the role of Colette Chivasso, in the film so beautiful for you by Bertrand Blair. Namely, on December 7, 2021, the actress found her dear colleague Carol Bouquet, to whom she replied at the time, on the set. c for you In France 5. A perfect opportunity to evoke memories, even the most repulsive ones.

As soon as they got on the elevator, when I was with them they would shut down and fall

It must be said that the hero of the movie was Gerard Depardieu. The actor does not know that he has his tongue in his pocket. Neither this nor anything else. “He is very kind and respectfulJosian Balasco wrote. Gerrard’s only problem is that he farts. It has to be said, it shoots farts. They had gags with Bertrand Blair. As soon as they got into the elevator, when I was with them, they blocked the elevator and fell down. Like fifth grade kids. In these cases, you have to remain conservative.. “

Gerard Depardieu, also known as Pietaro

It’s no secret that Julie Depardieu’s father suffers from digestion. nickname “Petard” where “Betaro“By his family members, the actor had already run away, for more than one reason, on set understand Written by Pierre-François-Martin Laval, in 2019.He started acting like a jerk, fartingexplained the director, a former member of the Robins des bois. It made me happy, but the people on the team were a little shocked. I told him we were shooting a pivotal scene, after which his character and Fahim became complicit. And it worked: when Asad Ahmed saw him playing around, he looked at him like a friend!“The wind of true happiness, this is Gerard Depardieu…

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