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Mike Posey is fighting lung cancer

Mike Posey is fighting lung cancer

64-year-old Mike Posey has revealed that he has lung cancer and needs treatment.

An analyst for six years at TVA Sports, the former hockey player wrote a letter to the network’s listeners to explain his absence.

In his message published on TVA Sports, he wrote with great sadness that I have to withdraw from your screens for a forced break. A necessary pause during which I must receive treatment for lung cancer. 1-0 so far, but I didn’t say my last word…

I can assure you that I intend to fight with all the determination and with all the enthusiasm you have seen me display on the ice and in my game. That same design that helped me realize my dreams and calculate my goals, that propelled me to the top of my sport, when I was still wearing skates.

Quote from:Mike Bussey

A person who has spent his entire career with the New Yorkers says he has to take a step back, but intends to come back stronger.

He assures that fans and spectators have a special place in his ideas and will be a source of motivation. However, he wants to experience these difficult times in private.

Mike Bussey in 2008

Photo: Getty Images/Jim McIsaac

Like athletes who are about to give their lives a performance, I will need all of my strength and focus. Surrounded by my family and friends, I wish I could keep this sacred and quiet space, away from cameras and interviews. I am confident that I can count on your appreciation and understanding.

The famous player number 22 started his career in 1977 with the islanders. He was an excellent scorer, as evidenced by his stats.

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He scored 53 goals in his rookie season, winning the Calder Cup. He was the second player in the league after Maurice Richard to score 50 goals in 50 games. In 10 years, he has had five seasons with over 60 goals (a tie with Wayne Gretzky) and is the only NHL player to score 50 or more goals in nine consecutive seasons. He also won the Stanley Cup four times.

Back problems forced him to retire in 1987.