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Here’s why some people are always late, according to science

Many people are exposed to Delay Daily. If they’re not the authors, they can also take the brunt of a partner or colleague who didn’t honor the appointment time. to try to understand this phenomenon On a large scale, scientists have conducted extensive studies. several explanations It would make it possible to understand why there are so many delays.

You are likely to arrive several times a day late. This is especially the case in the morning, when sometimes the clock can play tricks. ” in my morning the awakening It can ring for an hour before I hear it He told Anna in particular Madame Figaro. For Camille, 26, an accountant in Paris, the symptoms are identical: difficulty waking up is the main reason for it. Morning delay.

Several scientific factors explain the reasons for the delay

Faced with such situations, researchers have pointed to several explanations. First of all, they highlight a state of mind that affects many people: optimism bias The main stakeholder tends to underestimate the time required to accomplish a task. At the same time they overestimating its capacity to do so quickly.

there cognitive overload It can also explain many situations. Some people may find it difficult to manage multiple tasks at the same time, which increases the likelihood that they will be late. This may be due to cognitive overload or difficulty with learning Prioritize tasks.

Chronic retardation pathology?

to Alexandra Rivière Likeart, a clinical psychologist in Paris and a member of the French Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (AFTC), however, the trend is a behavioral disorder. ” We exist in the presence of people who can’t help being late and their behaviour direct influences in their lives. This may be Patients. she expressed.

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Sometimes other factual reasons are put forward by experts. This is particularly the case excessive fatigue which prevents his alarm from being heard. Lack of self-esteem also plays a major role in being late. I’social anxiety Its victims may be required more time to prepare themselves mentally before leaving their homes.

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In addition to a lack of self-esteem, lack of firmness It can also cause several delays. The reasons are also psychological. In particular, it can cause chronic latecomers to adopt negative behaviour. They dare not say no .” For them, declining the invitation would be tantamount Isolate himself from others. But they are turning back and so they are late explained the psychologist.

Others are rather victims of an overly perfectionistic nature. They lag behind with desire improve their time. ” If they had five minutes left before they had to go to their meeting, they would not choose to leave early, but would start another task in order to Make the most of the moment Fear of inactivity ”, specified Alexandra Rivière-Likart. In short, there is no single scientific answer to the question of why we are sometimes late, because it depends on many individual factors.