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Le Monde Nouveau 2021 kicks off in Toulouse

Le Monde Nouveau 2021 kicks off in Toulouse

The annual Forum on Environmental and Societal Transformation to be held in Montpellier from 1 October will feature a Toulouse edition with first-class speakers.

The Great Forum for Environmental and Social Transformation to be held from 1He is On October 3, 2021, the Toulouse version opens today in Corum in Montpellier. As an introduction to the rich program to be held in Montpellier at the beginning of next month, the Toulouse meeting held at Paul Sabatier University will be devoted to science and climate. Following the opening by Marie France Marchand Bailet, Vice President of the Dépêche Group and Philippe Rimbault, President of the Federal University of Toulouse, four round tables will alternate today with meetings and discoveries of startups working for sustainable development. Today’s discussions and debates, which will be broadcast live on, will deal with the necessary adaptation as well as the mitigation of climate change.

Agnes Langevin, Vice-President of the Occitanie Region in charge of Climate and Green Charter, will show how our regional territories intend to act on two pillars: reducing global warming, particularly with the ambition to become a positive energy zone in 2050 while adapting. to the consequences of climate change. At the Toulouse Metropole level, it will be François Chollet, Vice President in charge of Environment, Sustainable Development and Energy Transition, who will present the roadmap for the metropolitan region.

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On the science side, Toulouse oceanographer and CNRS Research Director Catherine Gandel, who is interested in the Southern Ocean’s role in regulating Earth’s temperatures, will present the first data from the Swings mission that crossed that ocean for two months. . About Antarctica and its role in sequestering carbon dioxide.

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Another round table will focus on the urgent need to conserve water resources with specific targets for 50 years. In the afternoon, discussions will focus on fake news versus science. This phenomenon of misinformation has delayed the awareness of the population in some countries of the need to act against climate change.

Jan Guzel the Nobel Peace Prize at the end

Finally, the latest sequence will question the role of the climate factor, these younger generations and also these companies that want to participate in the fight against climate change. This commitment is more effective because it occurs at the regional level close to the concrete concerns of the population. At the conclusion of this great day, Jan Guzel, climate scientist, former Vice-Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Nobel Peace Prize laureate is the new world’s guest of honor. This Toulouse Day will also be an opportunity to present the Great New World Forum that will take place from 1He is Until October 3rd in Corum in Montpellier.