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Here are the changes in Starfield

Here are the changes in Starfield

Last December, Bethesda Game Studios revealed that major work on its highly anticipated game, Starfield, was about to begin. The development team is set to spend the better part of the year developing an ambitious roadmap that promises a captivating and immersive gaming experience.

The major changes are scheduled to begin on January 17, with an exclusive Steam player meeting. A beta version containing over a hundred fixes and improvements will be published, allowing players to preview new features. Two weeks later, all players will be officially deployed, marking the beginning of a new era for Starfield.

Bethesda Game Studios shared a preview of the upcoming major changes on its official account. Among the many improvements, fixes are in the works for notable missions like “Eye of the Storm” and “Into the Unknown.” These missions were prone to freezing issues, and players can expect a smoother gameplay experience after implementing these fixes.

The interstellar construction site is not limited to tasks. Work is currently underway to improve the overall stability of the game as well as the graphical aspects. Adjustments will be made to textures, lighting, and shadows, providing a more immersive visual experience. Specific fixes will affect the geometry of the solar disk, the shadows of planetary rings, the reappearance of scraped objects when returning to an outpost, mark ship hatches as inaccessible, and even fix asteroids following ships.

Bethesda also revealed its commitment to regular updates, and plans to deliver fixes and improvements approximately every six weeks. Players can expect the addition of requested features, such as maps to better navigate cities and new and innovative ways to travel the world of Starfield.

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In short, Starfield is poised to deliver a new gaming experience, with frequent updates to meet players' expectations. Upcoming patches promise to fix existing issues, while graphical improvements should raise the game's aesthetic to new heights.