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Julie Couture and Pierre Antoine Jocelyn at the helm of TVA Nouvelles Québec

Julie Couture and Pierre Antoine Jocelyn at the helm of TVA Nouvelles Québec

Four months after the departure of veteran Pierre Jobin, TVA Quebec has decided to dig into its backyard to form the new duo to host the early evening newscast.

As of September 7, news anchor Julie Couture, who has already co-hosted TVA News Quebec In his new form, which has been taking an hour since February, he will be collaborating with Pierre-Antoine Jocelin, the 30-year-old journalist whose reports in the capital have been able to watch TV viewers since 2018.

  • Interview with Pierre-Antoine Jocelyn, the new president of TVA Quebec on QUB Radio:

“The ethos is to make room for the next generation and help people grow internally. No candidate outside of our company has ever received a call, despite rumors that were circulating,” says Julie Couture, who has 23 years of experience in the field.

Originally from Rivière-du-Loup, where his father Guilmont was a broadcaster for local stations of TVA and Radio-Canada, Pierre-Antoine Gosselin is pleased to have this promotion in Quebec.

“I had the opportunity to set foot in the city, in TVA Montreal, but it was important to me to stay in TVA Quebec, to settle here and become a person there. Over time, I developed so many contacts and affinities with the public in Quebec that I did not I could see myself letting go of it,” says Pierre-Antoine Jocelyn.

“Growing inwardly is part of our DNA in Quebec. […] I would like to congratulate Pierre Antoine who, since his arrival at TVA, has spared no effort to climb the ladder,” said General Director of TVA Quebec, Nathalie Langevin, in a press release.

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The couple from Couture and Jocelyn promise that the newscast will maintain the same friendly atmosphere that has prevailed since it lasted for an hour.

Discussions with Stephane Turcotte, Natalie Clarke and Pascal Ropitel will remain warm with a hint of humor.

Antenna co-heads also want to go out into the field a lot. Everyone will exit in turn.

“There will be no one in the field doing the correspondent work, but one co-host, for the first half hour of the flyer. Our first outing will be on October 5th during the Chefs Debate, which is organized at TVA, Julie Couture announced.