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Healthy Rod Stewart regains his voice and apologizes for canceling the show

Healthy Rod Stewart regains his voice and apologizes for canceling the show

Montrealers who dream of seeing him on stage can breathe easy. Singer Rod Stewart has announced he’s got his voice back, just in time for his scheduled performances Wednesday at the Canadian Tire Center in Ottawa and Thursday at the Bell Center in Montreal.

He explained in a video via his official account on the X/Twitter platform: “I have regained my health.”

In his message, Sir Rod Stewart took the opportunity privately to apologize to his loyal fans in Saskatoon for having had to cancel his scheduled show last Saturday night due to issues with his vocal cords.

“Dear friends from Saskatoon, I’m so sorry I didn’t come before you that night,” he said in the video.

The 78-year-old rocker explained that he was warming up before his performance at the SaskTel Center when his voice stopped completely. “It happens sometimes. It’s like a cramp,” my doctor told me.

Disappointed, his fans learned that Rod Stewart would not be able to perform due to his vocal cord injury until after the Cheap Trick set in Part 1. Some of them expressed their dissatisfaction on social media, and expressed their regret that the singer did not appear on stage to apologize to them.

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The singer preferred to apologize through social networks, promising to “return to see them one day.”

On Wednesday night, Rod Stewart made his scheduled showing at the Canadian Tire Center in Ottawa. And many fans posted videos of her performance on their social media.