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Health: The bill that limits the use of authorized recruitment agencies in Quebec

Bill 10, which aims to eliminate by 2026 the systematic use of private staffing agencies and independent health workers, was unanimously adopted by Quebec’s National Assembly on Tuesday.

The text, introduced last February by Quebec’s Minister of Health, Christian Duby, states that health and social service organizations will no longer be able to use the services of employment agencies or freelance work, except where provided by government regulations.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Health may grant licenses due to exceptional circumstances To certain organizations to enable them to use the services of an employment agency or freelance work.

The text defines it Regulation provisions may vary according to categories of organizations, health districts or regions.

Quebec is also giving itself three years to implement such changes across the province, first in urban areas, by the end of 2024, and then in remote areas, by the end of 2026.

Individuals or organizations that do not comply with the law will expose themselves to financial and even criminal penalties.

The needs currently met by freelancers are equivalent to 11,000 full-time jobs.

Between 2016 and 2022, freelance employment cost the public network $3 billion, according to a recent study by the Canadian Confederation of Public Employees.

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