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Health: Host Paul Arcand will be absent for an indefinite period

Health: Host Paul Arcand will be absent for an indefinite period

Host Paul Arcand announced Friday morning that he must take an “indefinite” leave of absence from his show on 98.5 FM for health reasons.

He spoke about this himself through the microphone of the program “Puisqu’il peut se leva,” the program from which he has been absent since Thursday.

“I have a health problem […] He explained in a telephone interview with his replacement at the helm of the show, Alan Crete, that the matter requires treatment for an indefinite period.

Mr. Arcand has a “very severe” infection that requires treatment, forcing him to put his career on hold while he recovers.

“If I had been away for two or three days, I wouldn’t have said anything and it would have been okay, but it could have been longer and frankly I don’t know how long it would last,” he said.

After feeling bad for a few days, his partner Anik finally convinced him to go see a doctor.

“When you have signals, you better listen to them. “If you want to remove more information,” follow the announcer on the radio.

Not wanting to say more about his illness, Mr. Arcand asked his listeners to respect his privacy during this time.

“As soon as I can resume my activities, I will do so, but I don’t know when,” he added.

A wave of support

A few minutes after his announcement, several figures expressed their support for Paul Arcand, in particular Prime Minister François Legault.

“Health is the most important thing. Take good care of yourself, Paul Arcand. I can’t wait to come back to interview you to shake things up a little,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

For his part, the leader of the Bloc Quebecois, Yves-François Blanchet, stressed that “the absence of such a personality on the airwaves, even temporarily, leaves a void that is difficult to fill.”

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Journalist Thérèse Parisien wished Mr. Arcand “quickly back on his feet and back to liven up our morning,” when host Sophie Durocher reminded us to listen to “your friend when she asks you to go see the doctor!”

Remember, the host has made the decision to not return behind the microphone of his morning show in the fall of 2024 and will be replaced by Patrick Lagasse.