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He offers $100,000 to a female passenger to remove her mask

An American millionaire caused a reaction from many netizens by noting on Twitter that he had offered $100,000 to a passenger on a plane to remove her mask.

Steve Kirsch, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur believed to be behind one of the first optical mice for computers, said he made an offer to a woman sitting next to him in first class on a Delta flight.

Mr. Kirsch says he told his seatmate that the masks didn’t work, saying the woman worked for a pharmaceutical company.

The female entrepreneur claimed that the female passenger would have taken off her mask to have her meal anyway; What I did when lunch was served, Steve Kirsch points out.

The millionaire states that he started by offering $100 to the woman. Then, in the face of her refusal, he allegedly raised the offer to $100,000, but his seatmate never acquiesced to Mr. Kirsch’s request.

On Twitter, while some supported Steve Kirsch’s approach, others found his behavior somewhat questionable.

Here are some of the reactions received:

“Is it your habit to give money to a stranger so that you discover a part of her body mid-flight?”

“It’s very strange, don’t you understand? It’s all in this story: the request, the way it’s done and the idea of ​​transmitting it all on Twitter.

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“How does his mask bother you?”

“There are cheaper ways to let people know you’re an idiot.”

“All you do is admit that you were offended and a woman made a decision that she felt was best for her.”