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Vince McMahon wanted to split at The New Day

Vince McMahon wanted to split at The New Day

Big E and Kofi Kingston both on the injured bench, Xavier Woods found himself alone in the new day to be able to enter the ring today. many times, Vince McMahon wanted to end the clan But the three New Day wrestlers have always fought to stay together, and that’s what Fightful reveals.

When Xavier Woods won the 2021 King of the Ring award, the former WWE boss suggested itHe made it about Kofi Kingston because “he wouldn’t do a king,” but Woods adamantly rejected that idea And I did everything to prevent this from happening. A few months later, after Big E was injured, Vince McMahon no longer wanted Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods to be called “New Day”, which lasted for a few weeks.

During recent WWE drafts, Vince McMahon also wanted to separate the trio, before reconsidering his decision and wanting to see Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods together. Finally, the American source specifies that Vince McMahon did indeed propose an idea for a New Day chapter shortly after KofiMania, but the clan fought at the time to stay together… and it’s always worked so far.

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