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He converted his Dodge Viper into an off-road vehicle

He converted his Dodge Viper into an off-road vehicle

This Dodge Viper has been completely modified to turn it into an all-terrain vehicle. A relatively non-environmental project…

the SUVs They're not the only models enjoying success at the moment. Although this segment is smaller, there are owners who are fans of off-road vehicles. This is also why Lamborghini launched the Huracan Sterato, an off-road version of the Huracan. Porsche also embarked on these innovations with its 911 Dakar.
So why not create Dodge Viper Also off road? This legendary model had great difficulty adapting to the new requirements of the automotive world. No wonder the Viper has been out of production for seven years now. However, in the United States, some fans still own one. One YouTuber even decided to turn it into an all-terrain vehicle.

A mix between a Dodge Viper and an off-road vehicle

The man heading this project is Matt Brown, an engineer with about a decade of experience gained at Tesla, Apple, and NASCAR. Although its creation may seem harmless at first glance, it is the result of… Titan action. Everything was custom made with his own hands (except the Dodge Viper, of course).
Matt Brown has filmed his project several times on YouTube on his channel @SuperfastMatt. Therefore, it is possible to see him modifying his Dodge Viper from top to bottom. To realize his creation, he made a whole series of amazing modifications. In particular, he installed Comment uploaded 30.5 cm, all-terrain tires and a modified chassis.
Thus, the basic engineering of the Dodge Viper has not been radically disrupted. Instead of installing all-new equipment, this Viper off-roader retains its features Mopar V10 engine 8.0 liter original.

A very non-environmental project…

Choosing the Dodge Viper to implement this project may seem surprising. Production of this famous American car was permanently stopped in 2017 by its manufacturer due to… Growing disagreements About this vehicle. Certainly, the snake is still known for its strength. However, it is also one of the most polluting models available.
So it's not certain that the Dodge Viper all-terrain vehicle will convince many people. Matt Brown will likely have a hard time selling him after that. In one of his videos, the YouTuber admitted that he didn't really know how he could reuse his creativity. She may still be seen driving the car The original off-road racing. But we must admit that he has not embarked on the most environmentally friendly project at the moment…

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