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‘Harry and Meghan Markle hid in my house’: Behind the scenes of their escape from the UK

‘Harry and Meghan Markle hid in my house’: Behind the scenes of their escape from the UK

“Wherever she goes, whatever she does, everything sells. There’s paparazzi on every corner.”The 54-year-old actor explained before adding: There are many who have no names or are not membersA royal familyThey need someone to protect them.” And the billionaire filmmaker decided to send a word to the former Suits actress. “Everyone thinks Oprah introduced us, but she doesn’t know I contacted them.”The producer explained.

“If you ever need anything, I’m here.”Tyler Perry wrote in an addressed message British royal couple. A much-appreciated note since Prince Harry’s wife spoke to the actor on the phone before speaking to the actor in person months later. “A Therapist”. “We had a very rich conversation.”, he revealed. And add: “It’s so important for people in this world to have a safe place where they can trust, speak freely and get unbiased advice from someone who doesn’t expect anything from them.” That’s why the Hollywood titan didn’t hesitate long to welcome the royal couple to his home.

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The couple hid in the actor’s villa for several months

“They’ve been hiding in my house for a long time and it’s been really cool […] Every day they were there, I checked to see if anything was happening online. Nothing […] They were so happy! It was a beautiful moment.”Can you read in the paragraphs Daily Mail. Meghan, Harry and their then-1-year-old son Archie stayed in the eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom Tuscan-style villa for several months in 2020. Beverly Ridge Gardens. And that too in this apartment couple Archie celebrated his first birthday, as evidenced by several videos featuring small shots of the house. In a recent interview cutArchie and Lilibet’s mother spoke about the tenuous relationship she maintains with the filmmaker. “Sometimes you can tell more about your life story to a stranger on a plane than to someone close to you”, he told the media. Lilibet’s godfather, now 2, had a wink, perhaps hidden.

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Photo credit: Zuma Press / Bestimage