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Australia has accused China of endangering one of its military aircraft

Australia has accused China of endangering one of its military aircraft


Australia accuses Chinese air traffic of endangering one of its military surveillance devices this Sunday, and an incident and provocation took place over the South China Sea claimed by Beijing.

In an effort to expand its control over the South China Sea, Beijing is flexing its muscles. Pilots often take risks and come close to serious accidents.

This time, Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles has condemned the incident. Very dangerous : On May 26, a Chinese F-16 fighter jet intercepts an Australian P-8 surveillance aircraft. It came very close and ignited the radar-resistant saf pocket containing small pieces of aluminum ingested by the Australian aircraft engine. The plane was able to return to its base, but Canberra expressed concern.

Despite a 2016 UN Permanent Arbitration Court ruling rejecting such claims, Beijing still considers the South China Sea to be its territory. Since then, the United States and Australia have stepped up surveillance efforts – to ensure freedom of navigation on this water, with much of the trade passing through Asia and the rest of the world.

A new incident

This new incident comes shortly after Labor came to power in Australia – at a time when relations between the two countries are already very tense. Three months ago, Canberra had already accused the Chinese military of pointing a military laser at one of its aircraft in northern Australia. The Australian government had noted An act of intimidation “Dangerous.

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