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First round pick for Jake Allen?

First round pick for Jake Allen?

The middle of the season is on the horizon in the National Hockey League (NHL) and many important issues await Montreal Canadiens general manager, Kent Hughes.

The Habs are ranked 26th overall on the Bettman circuit and are expected to make several moves by the trade deadline, February 23rd.

Although the future of the goalkeeper position doesn’t look like it’s been decided, can veteran Jake Allen allow the Blue Blanc Rouge side to add quality to their bank of hopes?

“Jake Allen is a great choice for a lot of teams,” Michel Therrien told DawnA very difficult evening against the Washington Capitals.

Canadians are in a position to demand the top dollar. He would definitely be a first-round pick in exchange for the services of the veteran goaltender.

“I learned that Allen had been offered to other clubs during the last replay”, according to the former coach.

On the subject, he concluded, “In spite of everything, I’d be surprised to see him leave.”

What are you doing with Jonathan Darwin?

Quebec is serving the final year of a five-year, $5.5 million-per-campaign contract. This means that he will be as free as air at the end of this season.

“When a player becomes an unrestricted free agent and his team is not in the playoff picture, the hockey player is normally expected to leave.”

“On the other hand, in the case of Jonathan Drouin, I would be very surprised if teams were interested in his services to make a splash in the playoffs,” said the hockey player.

“There are some players who are red flagged, which scares squads. I think Jonathan is going to finish his contract with Habs.

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contract to settle

“The Cole Cofield case gets my attention.”

“The big question is: How much money will Coffield make? In my opinion, it will be about $8 million per season.

“I think the two tribes want to coexist in the long term. This is very good news for the organization.”

The Canadiens offense runs through Nick Suzuki and Cole Cofield. No. 22 is in a very good position to negotiate.

Joel Edmondson spent the money?

“At the moment, Joel Edmondson is not playing his best hockey.”

“Despite everything, he’s the type that teams target in the playoffs. He brings a physical dimension and he’s already won a Stanley Cup, which is an added value.

Watch Michel Therrien’s full intervention in the video above.