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Guillaume Diop, the star of the Paris Opera Ballet

Guillaume Diop, the star of the Paris Opera Ballet

They say perfection is not of this world, but beneath the roofs of the Opera Garnier in Paris, dancers aspire to it, one leap at a time. Even for one of France’s most sought-after dancers, excellence is never earned and every class is necessary to prepare the body and mind.

Being a principal dancer is one thing, but you have to stay that way, you have to embrace it. It’s a gift, but it’s also a huge responsibility.

At 23 years old, Guillaume Diop embodies discipline and perseverance.

Guillaume is very special as a dancer, he has incredible physical potential, but in addition to that, he has a kind of intelligence and dexterity in his interpretation.“, explains Paris Opera Ballet’s dance director José Martinez.

He promoted him to the rank of star last March, which surprised everyone, as Diop is one of the rare dancers who achieved the highest possible distinction even before they became… The first dancerAs tradition dictates.