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Growing beverage sales following the reopening of pubs

Growing beverage sales following the reopening of pubs

Beverage sales erupted in the UK on Monday after pubs, restaurants and bars reopened to be closed due to the corona virus outbreak.

Hospitality-related data consultation CGA said beverage sales were up 11.8% on the first day, compared to the same day in 2019, the British news agency Press Association said on Wednesday.

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Horega companies in the UK welcomed customers back on Monday after it was shut down for at least three months as restrictions were imposed to fight the new corona virus infection.

However, only 38.2% of companies or about 41,100 locations licensed as drinking water establishments had external access, with the channel expected to reopen throughout this week.

Other companies can only consider welcoming customers from May 17, when the new round of restrictions will be relaxed.

Experts say it was cooler, especially in London, and large parts of the UK were in the premiere as people were only allowed to eat outside. Monday is part of the day.

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