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A huge green fireball crosses the Australian sky

A huge fireball lit up the sky in Australia last weekend. Queenslanders filmed streaks of green light across the night sky. Then the meteor exploded and created a sonic boom.

Outside of meteor showers, which occur when Earth passes through a cloud of dust from a comet or asteroid, it’s not every day you see meteors in the sky. Residents of the state of Queensland in Australia were surprised to see this A huge green fireball lights up the night sky Last weekend.

Fireball in the Australian sky © Cairns Airport / Facebook

The meteor in Australia was visible for hundreds of miles, like a fireball that shot through the sky at 51,500 km/h over North Carolina. Local people saw him From far west Queensland to north. Its explosion created a sonic boom that could be heard in a nearby city.

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A sonic boom was caused by the explosion of a meteorite 0.5 to 1 m in diameter.

At 9:22pm (local time) on May 20, surveillance cameras at Cairns International Airport in Queensland captured the meteorite passing by and then exploding. Since this meteorite is not small we can also talk about a fireball. It was probably measured Between 0.5 and 1 meter in diameterBigger than what we are used to seeing.

Brad Tucker, an astrophysicist at the National University of Canberra, estimated that the meteorite had traveled. The top speed is 150,000 km/h. It exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere, but the fragments of the explosion were so small that it did not leave a crater on the ground. According to Brad Tucker, there may be pieces of celestial material that hit Earth Too small and too frozen to have any impact.

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The boom created by the explosion was mostly heard by locals in Croydon. Also, many residents who were lucky enough to see the meteor cross the sky shared videos on networks. The green color of its luminous path is a chemical reaction and more specifically Combustion of nickel and iron during re-entry into the atmosphere.