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Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals (Beige Book / Fed).

One year after the outbreak in the country, tourism and entertainment dominate the United States, according to a report by the US Federal Reserve, which also notes that there has been a significant increase in prices for countries in the United States.

Tourism-related reports are highly optimistic, as demand for leisure and travel has increased, the central bank said in its Peugeot book on Wednesday, a study conducted among companies across the country between February and April 5th.

The improvement in the condition of this sector has been particularly affected by the epidemic, with the spring break, among others, but there are loose restrictions in the face of the Govt, the current vaccination campaign and the checks paid to many American households. As part of the government’s stimulus plan.

Businesses in the Boston area have already noticed an increase in scheduled flights. Hotel bookings and short-term summer rents rose sharply in April.

As a result, there are occupation rates, hotel room rates and short-term rental rates to beat records this summer.

However, companies across all industries face challenges due to global disruptions in production and distribution.

They saw rising raw material and spare parts prices due to heavy snowfall that paralyzed part of the United States in February.

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Costs have risen in all areas, but especially in manufacturing, construction, retail and transportation, Beige mentions in the book, citing metal, wood, food and fuel.

Inflation began to manifest itself in March, which is expected to last for several months. As a result of production costs, companies surveyed the rising cost of selling their products.

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As a result, manufacturing and distribution companies surveyed in the New York area saw huge increases in their selling prices and expected price increases in the coming months.