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“Good in My Head”: Here’s a demo for you

“Good in My Head”: Here’s a demo for you

In life, Catherine Ligon is driven by a search for meaning and a passion for content. Since the beginning of her career, she has worked on several magazines that aim to provide us with the tools: Educated and well behaved, The right to speak, 1045 Parliamentarians Street or in the bargain.

Photo courtesy of Matili Clark

For several years, she worked as director of community magazines in Télé-Québec and then as content director for Juste pour Laughs magazine. She has just returned from a year-long world tour that took her to the four corners of the planet where she did volunteer work. Since then, she has dedicated herself to writing people’s stories for My Biography and has agreed to dive back into the world of television with… Well in my head. This magazine allows people to make informed choices when faced with a sensitive topic where it is important to separate fact from fiction.

How do you feel this project meets a need?

Luxury is the topic of the hour. The idea was to unite health and science because there is no place where researchers, specialists and scientists are given a voice. We have the opportunity to put forward research that might change things. Since the pandemic, many trends have been presented to us on the internet. Many of them are questionable. Anyone can become a specialist. We give viewers the opportunity to have an idea, to be equipped to make their own choices without telling them what to do.

What limits have you set for yourself so as not to fall into exaggerated or absurd scientific controversy?

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It’s important that our broadcaster has depth of content without falling into trivia or psychological pop. Soon, Pascal (Levsek) and Martin (Carly) adopt a warm tone speaking to the world. We didn’t want scientific language aimed at scientists. We are looking for topics that affect the largest number of people and for which there are references. We dissect the phenomenon to understand it better. Heartbreak, for example: We found out that researchers in Quebec are currently interested in it. It’s about luxury. It’s great to understand what goes through our heads when we encounter an experience, how we deal with it and why it remains a pathetic memory for some.

How important is the experience of journalists (Simon Cotto and Misa Farah)?

Many practices come to us from social media. We wanted them to come and explain to us how it works, test them, and tell us what they went through. They are also our gateway to seeing professionals. personality tests, tree hugging, SCMR, these are the phenomena we wanted to understand. But the result is not important, it is the experience that matters. Sometimes there’s nothing scientific about these tests, but as one of our researchers says: Is science always obligated to explain everything? If it’s not harmful, why not?

During your research, are there areas where Quebec stands out in terms of well-being?

There are topics that may seem trivial. Floating baths for example. At first, we thought we were being too critical. Then we realized that we in Quebec were the first to analyze the effects of float baths on concussions. We’re so far ahead of all things Alzheimer’s and dementia. We only had 12 shows to do, but we quickly realized that luxury is an endless topic.

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We are in the age of misinformation. How do you choose topics to make a difference?

Everything related to the brain and psychology is of interest to everyone. For our first show, we automatically knew we would have to deal with the stress of the start of the school year. Sleep is a topic we haven’t finished talking about. And there are all the ethical questions that are essential today. When we notice, for example, everything that is presented to us in our quest for renewal. It ranges from products to interventions, including diets and invasive surgeries. Well-being affects each of our five senses and has an impact on our mental health. It is important that we think as a community, and make good decisions to improve.

Well in my head Wednesdays at 7:30 pm on Télé-Québec