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Genevieve Avril announces good news

Genevieve Avril announces good news

Genevieve Avril had a great announcement: She said yes!

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At the end of Monday, the businesswoman shared the good news with her Instagram subscribers, revealing that it was Sunday afternoon that her lover, Nick, knelt to ask for her hand.

She was clearly still on cloud nine, and the lady nicknamed Miss Sushi had taken the time to describe from top to bottom how the great request went and how she lived this moment.

Yesterday Sunday, as you know, it was a dreamy winter day. Just cold enough for perfect ice and a beautiful sun that you can even pick up the colours.
Afternoon plan: Get warm and go play outside (my friend even lent me his tricks). Nick’s friend Hugues maintains a small ice skating rink in his backyard. Worth pinterest, the big deal, I was really impressed.
At some point during the day, it looks like I’m out of my body. I’ve been watching my boyfriend with his best friends since he’s always played hockey, the kids are slipping, my son is trying to skate by himself, the fire is going up, the music is good. I looked around and I remember saying to myself: Wow, it’s like in the movies, it’s such a perfect moment. I almost became in slow motion, it was so beautiful
Suddenly, Coco calls me on the ice. The guys had just come out of the rink to open up a few beers. I find myself alone on the ice rink with Malcolm. And falling in love can’t help start playing. I’m like: “Wow Elvis” ♥️ My boyfriend comes to kiss me. It doesn’t take two seconds, he’s right in front of me, kneeling on the ice, handsome like a heart in his little sunglasses. His gang is all on my left. Almost screaming. I, I’m like: WHATTTTTTTT. He said to me: My love, will you marry me? “…..” whattttttt, YESIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! »
«Ouiiiiiii Yes Yes Yes Yes And RE Yes”
You know that when you find your person, that person is your integration. Your better half. It’s so simple, so real, so sweet, and so funny with him. My son loves it, I have a feel for it, and he knows it makes me happy, which is why it’s so easy 3.
how lucky I am! ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️
Slide your finger to the left if you want to live the moment a bit. But it will never be as magical as a live broadcast. Trust me, I won’t recover for a while!
I love youTweet embedecomik ♥️❤️‍.❤️
nailsnatalia 👍🏼 »

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What a dream!

Genevieve and Nick have been together since fall 2021.

When we met him last November, the founder of Sushi La Maison stated, in an interview on our pages, About how she and her lover met.

We wish them all happiness!

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