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Lara Fabian gives a special gift to Audrey Louise after her passing

Lara Fabian gives a special gift to Audrey Louise after her passing

Gino Chouinard and his collaborator Sabrina Cornuer, in Hello good Morningon Wednesday the wonderful gift Lara Fabian, director of the Academy, made to Audrey Louise by addressing the academics during a picnic to the sugar shack while the program was broadcast. star Academy.

Joel LeMay / QMI

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Gino and Sabrina have already shared a short excerpt from the daily that will be broadcast this evening, where we’ll have news on Audrey Luiz.

In fact, after his controversial departure from star AcademyThe academics wanted news of what everyone was expecting of this edition’s victory. Lara, who was also very disappointed by her departure, wanted to tell them the good news for her.

“I’ve been talking to Audrey Louise every day since Sunday, she’s been doing really well,” she said reassuringly.

Then the 23-year-old mom would have gone even further with the wise words conveyed by her former manager.

“You know Lara, life is good. If my adventure stopped at that time for me, there would probably be a real reason,”

Her words couldn’t be more apt as Lara revealed the wonderful gift she was giving Audrey Louise.

“So I invited her to all my shows, to [Théâtre] Maisonneuve and Videotron Center. She said to her little hearts she would be by my side to sing with me.

What a wonderful gift for this artist who is already adored by the audience! No doubt, this gift will put balm on his unexpected departure from the Academy.

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It is simply the beginning of a new wonderful adventure for Audrey Louise. You won’t lose everything, as Gino well said at the end of this excerpt. Furthermore, Audrey Louise was captivated in an interview with Gino on Monday, the day after his passing. That’s what she had to say.

Watch the full excerpt from Lara’s ad for Academics on Sugar Broadcast during the broadcast Hello good Morning In the video at the top of the article.

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