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French citizen demands $155 million from Romania

French citizen demands $155 million from Romania

The French octogenarian who recently received a Romanian bearer bond issued in 1929 is now turning to Romania, from which he is claiming a modest €115 million (about C$155 million), according to reports. Paris.

In 2018, Saint-Denis bought a bearer coupon that dates back nearly 100 years. The latter belonged to the family of a Romanian colonel who agreed to sell it to the French octogenarian for 300,000 euros (about 405,000 Canadian dollars).

The bonds issued by Romania in 1929 in order for the French citizen to finance its public debt were then evaluated.

Based on interest since then, the 82-year-old estimates the Romanian government should now pay him €115m.

He first approached the Romanian National Bank, which redirected it to the Romanian Ministry of Finance. Then the French octogenarian contacted the Romanian embassy in France, but he had not yet succeeded in obtaining the required amount.

However, the retired legal advisor does not intend to give up. He says he is willing to turn to the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, or even the Court of Justice of the European Union, to get his due.

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