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France’s XV – Can Australia pluck Emmanuel Meifou from France’s XV?

If he is not yet selected for France’s XV, Emmanuel Meifou will be ready for this week’s France XV against Wales at the Marquesas. But as he is still waiting for his French passport, could another country choose him at the next World Cup? We answer here…

This week, just days before the last round of the 6 Nations against Wales, Toulouse legend Emmanuel Meifou is in Marcousis as a France XV training partner, and if he is only selected in November, his arrival gives Essone an accurate idea of ​​what Fabian Caldi has in store for him in the coming months. As a reminder, Meafou was born in New Zealand to Samoan parents, holds dual citizenship (New Zealand and Australian), is awaiting his French passport and is also eligible for Samoa.

But if Ugo Mola’s second row started rugby in Australia and spent most of his career there, could he fail in France’s XV? Recently, Australian leaders reached out to their counterparts at Stade Toulouse to inquire about Emmanuel Meifou with the next World Cup in mind… and beyond. Obviously, his profile hasn’t left Eddie Jones indifferent, and to be honest, we understand the Wallabies’ new coach.

Australia retreats

But still? Over the past few months, Emmanuel Meifou has repeatedly said in front of the Canal + cameras in the Midi Olympic columns that he wants to represent the French team one day, and apparently has not developed in this regard. Earlier this Monday morning, a key member of the Australian Federation told us about the player: “Mefo is dedicated to France and we’ll leave it there”. So, the question that opened this article is quick “Answer”, As someone else says: Emmanuel Meifou will only have an international future with the French team, despite various, varying and often understandable demands. But it feels good to say it, doesn’t it?

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