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Direction Birmingham for the Crufts, a canine competition with a dog


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A.Bouleis, C.Dubrul, C.Madini – France 2

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Tribute, Sunday March 13, to British dog passion with the world’s biggest competition. 27,000 participants compete in extraordinary events.

More than 27,000 four-legged participants attend Crufts, the world’s largest dog show. Charles Pissawi crossed the English Channel with his Cavaliers King Charles. “For us, this is really a very valuable exhibition, to find out if I really have a beautiful dog. Here, if I win, I know that my dog ​​is worthy”He assures. For 132 years, owners have flocked to Birmingham (United Kingdom) to determine the perfection of their animals.

A product worthy of a hair salon

The contest rewards hours of shampooing and brushing. In the stadiums, the world championships of major disciplines such as the ballet relay are played, with highly enthusiastic presenters commentating live. In the shadow of star contestants, formidable coaches. 23-year-old Shannon Springford’s dogs collect medals in agility trials. When he is not competing, he trains his dogs and other dogs: 250 per week.

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