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France's Marguerite Bellanger becomes 'President of Sports and Leisure' for CH

France’s Marguerite Bellanger becomes ‘President of Sports and Leisure’ for CH

It has been a few years since France’s Marguerite Bellanger rolled his findings into the Canadian organization. Since her arrival in 2013, she has risen through the ranks very quickly, moving from the legal to the commercial sector of Groupe CH.

However, someone who was recently the Director of the Entertainment Division and overseeing legal and public affairs as well as public relations would have been entitled to a fantastic promotion today, while the CH Group has just announced that it will now be “Chairman, Sports and Entertainment” for this.

At the same time, she would become the first woman in 104 years of history to sit on the Montreal Canadiens Executive Committee. It deserves to stand out.

This does not mean that she will take on the role of the current Jeff Molson. The latter remains the owner and CEO of Al-Kindi. Instead, you will take care of the day-to-day operations of the team.

Canadian also declares that it will always be ” alternate governor about the organisation. Thus, he must replace Jeff Molson if the latter cannot take up his positions for any reason.

At least, that’s what I took from him.

It should also be remembered that she holds a position on the NHL Inclusion Executive Board, which was created in 2020.

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Here is what she had to say about her appointment as Director of Sports and Recreation:

It is a great honor to be the President of Sports and Recreation for this famous organization. Together with our talented teams, we will continue to develop and deliver popular sports and entertainment events through our brands to create unique and memorable experiences for the world’s best fans. France – Marguerite Belanger

For those who know her a little, it can be seen that during her career as a lawyer, she was responsible for selling the Canadian to Jeff Molson in 2009 while George Gillette was the owner (she was in Camp Gillette set). She also represented the Saputo family when they acquired Montreal Impact (now CF Montreal).

In short, a well-deserved promotion by France’s Marguerite Bellanger, who at the same time became a pioneer in the history of Groupe CH. We hope other women will eventually join her!

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