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For the good of everyone, Cayden Primo must leave the Canadian

For the good of everyone, Cayden Primo must leave the Canadian

After spending many years on the airwaves at RDS, Alain Chantelois has begun a new mission in… La Pucci Blue/TVA Sports. As part of this new challenge, the Baron will appear on the show jc, With Jean-Charles Lajoie.

On Friday, Chantelois was called upon to comment on the Kayden Primeau situation, and he said out loud what a lot of people are quietly thinking.

The experienced analyst noted that for the good of everyone, the young goaltender should leave the Canadiens organization, noting that hope has declined since his debut in the NHL.

“I realize that five years have passed and he has not progressed. Rather, I think he has regressed. His best appearance was when he arrived with Al-Kindi after playing some matches with the Rockets. Since then, he has not done much.”

– Alain Chantelois

However, it is not necessarily negative. It’s normal, sometimes, to need a change of scenery. Chantelois compares Primo’s situation to that of Samuel Montembault before the latter Canadian was claimed on waivers in 2021.

“I was looking at Samuel Montembault’s stats compared to Cayden Primo’s… Montembo is gone, maybe Primo, who is 24, should go.”

– Alain Chantelois

Whether in terms of age or stats, the comparison is far from crazy. Alkibi played 25 games in a Panthers uniform, spread over two seasons, without breaking anything, and maintained good statistics in the AHL. He broke through in Montreal after being shown the back of the net.

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The Canadian doesn’t seem to trust Primo, which could cause the main interested party to not trust himself. Does he need an environment where his new bosses make it clear they believe in him? As Jean-Charles Lajoie noted, if the organization had faith in him, they would not have drafted three goaltenders in the last draft.

Although Jeff Gorton said he is open to the idea of ​​starting the season with three goalkeepers, so as not to lose Primo, it may be time to draw the line. stopperin this file.

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