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Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson joins GB News to play ‘key role’

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson joins GB News to play ‘key role’

The former British prime minister is to play a “key role” in covering the British and US elections alongside conservative channel GB News.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will join conservative channel GB News next year, where he will play a “key role” in covering the British and US elections.

Boris Johnson, 59, has been forced to resign in the summer of 2022 after a series of scandals, the first of which is that parties in Downing Street have breached anti-Covid rules, joining several Conservative figures in the channel. As a standard for freedom of expression.

In the presentation

The head of government from 2019 to 2022, which took the United Kingdom out of the European Union, will present a series of programs and public events that will “expose the power of Great Britain to the world,” the channel announced. On Friday.

“GB News is a rebel channel with a loyal and growing audience,” said Boris Johnson, who was “delighted” at the idea of ​​offering his “outspoken views on world affairs”.

Michael Booker, the channel’s editorial director, spoke of the channel’s “huge” pride that Boris Johnson, “the most influential Prime Minister of our generation” and an “incredibly talented journalist”, is joining the GB News “family”.

Boris Johnson has returned to writing as a columnist for the ultra-conservative Daily Mail in addition to his lucrative speaking gigs, after he resigned as an MP in June at the conclusion of an investigation into allegations that he had lied to Parliament in his explanations of “Partigate”.

Former journalist

Boris Johnson started out as a trainee journalist at The Times before plunging into politics as Mayor of London and in several governments. He was quickly fired for the found quote.

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In 1989 he became the Daily Telegraph’s Brussels correspondent, where he investigated European institutions, and became political columnist in London for the conservative daily and The Spectator.

Controversy is not new since its launch in June 2021, with GB News repeatedly singled out by Ofcom, the British media regulator, for breaching its duty of impartiality.

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