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Rumors are swirling about Brendan Gallagher…

Rumors are circulating about Brendan Gallagher…

– CH management is leaning more and more towards recovering the contract value…

– Yvonne Bedignault’s role in mentioning it.

The Canadian should consider buying Brendan Gallagher’s contract. Obviously opinions are divided on this subject but I don’t judge Gallagher’s past accomplishments. We will always realize that he rendered great services to Al-Kindi, but there comes a time when circumstances sometimes force us to forget the past because the present and the future demand it.

Didn’t the Tampa Bay Lightning buy Vincent Lecavalier’s contract? $85 million contract for 11 years. After four seasons, Steve Yzerman deemed the contract a hindrance to his buyback plan and agreed that the acquisition would require the Lightning to pay $32,666,667 over 14 years.

When you have an owner who has the finances, it’s always something to catch your eye when the decision makers gather around the table.

Vincent Lecavalier, now a senior advisor to Kent Hughes.

– amazing..

Fate is twisted sometimes.

– but often logical …

Gallagher is no longer an NHL player.

– It’s time to realize that.

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