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Fococolor.  A whole world in miniature is on display at Espace Lyautey

Fococolor. A whole world in miniature is on display at Espace Lyautey

The Passion Événements association is gathering around fifteen collectors of all kinds next weekend at Espace Lyautey in Vaucouuleurs.

What unites these exhibitors, about fifteen in number, is the passion for models and miniatures, which they have accumulated since early childhood, like Pierre Colent and Gilles Leserve, leaders of the organizing association.

The son of hardware dealers, Pierre fell in love at a very young age with the Dinky Toys collection, these little cars as beautiful as real ones, to which he added racing cars and racing cars from the 70s or Paris-Dakar to collect more than 1000 pieces!

Add to that comic books or books about cars or circuses to explore your passion.

Circus freak

Gil, for his part, is obsessed with the circus, and his models are larger than life. In the world of circus, he formed deep friendships with big names such as Sergio, the Pollones and Zavata… allowing him to enrich his collection of gems.

This weekend, Pierre Colinet and Gilles LeCerf will welcome collectors of trains, Lego® and vehicles of all kinds, for a moment that allows you to return to your childhood and above all, to admire these very beautiful pieces!

Gallery of models and miniatures: Saturday 21, from 2 pm to 7 pm, and Sunday 22 October, from 10 am to 6 pm, at Espace Lyautey in Vaucouleurs (village hall); Entrance is 3 euros; Meal at €12 on Sundays by reservation.

Contact: 06 81 99 46 73.