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Flagnak.  Mars Blue: €480 donated to Amicale Stéfane Ricci

Flagnak. Mars Blue: €480 donated to Amicale Stéfane Ricci

The month of March is an opportunity to raise public awareness about colorectal cancer screening, an essential life-saving procedure. By organizing this walk, the municipality of Flagnac contacted Stefan Ricci's friend to send a strong message: “We are united in the fight against colorectal cancer and are determined to raise awareness in our community of the importance of early detection, because that is where our best chance of recovery lies. Hence this The walk. Furthermore, I am proud to announce that the proceeds of this walk will be completely donated to the League Against Cancer which is a pillar for patients and their families, providing valuable support throughout the treatment journey “from awareness to research,” said Mayor Olivier Lanteujol.

About a hundred people participated in the march. In total, €480 was raised. A check for this amount was handed over to Suzette Tacchi, president of Stefan Ricci's friend, who guarantees the association with the League Against Cancer. The mayor extended his sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to organizing this event, including walkers, elected representatives, and the committee of wise men. “Together, we can make a real difference in the fight against colorectal cancer. Let's think of those currently fighting cancer as well as those who have battled this disease.”

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