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Five people are trapped in a cave after heavy rains in Slovenia

Five people are trapped in a cave after heavy rains in Slovenia

A family of three and their guides found themselves trapped by suddenly rising waters in a cave in Slovenia after heavy rain, emergency services said on Sunday.

They left on Saturday morning to explore the Krizna tourist site, about 50 kilometers south of the capital, Ljubljana, before they found themselves stranded.

Since they could not see them returning at the expected time, a team of divers went looking for them in the evening and were able to locate them about 2 km from the entrance to this 8 km long cave.

Rescuers told the press that the five adults, who are staying in a dry shelter, are in good condition, and were able to provide them with a tent, warm clothes, food and medicine after a three-hour journey.

“It will be possible to quickly evacuate them once the water level drops,” said team leader Walter Zakrajsek, without being able to say more at this stage.

If the situation continues, rescuers plan to provide them with what they need every 12 hours.

Krzyna Cave, whose 22 emerald-coloured underground lakes can be visited on a small boat, is one of Slovenia's main tourist attractions.

More than 14,000 caves have been mapped in this Central European country, and despite their small size – 20,300 square kilometers – their depths form an extraordinary network of corridors and buried chambers.

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