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First individual award for Marc-Andre Fleury

First individual award for Marc-Andre Fleury

By closing the San Jose Sharks 6-0 on Wednesday, Quebec Marc-Andre Fleury confirmed his William M Jennings Cup victory which was completed by duo Robin Lehner and thus broke the ice in some way.

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In fact, no goalkeeper in the history of the National Hockey League (NHL) won the first Singles Cup of their career in their seventeenth season or later. With three Stanley Cups to its name, Florey helped the Vegas Golden Knights claim victories this year. He and Leiner represented the least generous tandem in Bateman’s tour with 124 goals allowed, four fewer than the New York Islanders.

In the eyes of their coach Peter Debor, this award is well deserved.

“I pick up the hats for the best goalkeeper duo in the league,” he said in a videoconference. I’d like to say that this trophy, and I’m sure both players will tell you, is also an award that highlights team defense. I think they received invaluable assistance in terms of our commitment to properly counterattack. Every night the two were wonderful. “

Sparkling season

For Florye, that translated into impressive stats. He finished the regular season with nine successive victories, including the closure of 67 of his NHL career. His goals of 1.98 versus average and 0.928 GPA, along with his 26 wins in 36 decisions, make him an attractive candidate for the Vézina Cup.

“He has been amazing for us all year.” Striker Jonathan Marcisault said, as reported by the daily Las Vegas Review-Journal, that his name is already in the talk about the best goalkeeper in the National Hockey League.

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With 13 wins against only six losses, Lehner was not left out. After winning the Jennings title with the New York Islanders in 2018-19, he became the seventh man to win this trophy with various teams.

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