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filerobot.  L’Arche, a space of discovery and sharing to create your own

filerobot. L’Arche, a space of discovery and sharing to create your own

Lorain Republican
Today at 7:32 pm

“L’Arche is a space for artistic discovery, a place for living and sharing, which is at the same time a cinema, a restaurant, a performance hall and an immersive digital art gallery, open to all,” says Julian Florea, director.

The digital art gallery provides an “immersive visual and sensory experience for visitors.” The visitor will immediately understand that they can interact with the art instead of thinking about it negatively and playing.

The third cultural center

L’Arche is also a “third cultural place,” says Julian Florea, “centered around events aimed at creating and reviving the cultural life of the region. It provides discovery, training, learning and support services for the use of digital technology.

A place dedicated to “local human relations, generational meetings, and the launch of local collective projects.”

Since culture is a way of perceiving and interacting with the world around us, L’Arche offers exhibitions and workshops on creativity and knowledge, performances and concerts, artistic expression, music, dance, reading, cinema, digital performances…

Broaden horizons

It is aimed at a wide audience of children from 3 to 7 years old, then 8 years and above, adults, family, associations, everyone… “The structure is not limited to a scientific or eclectic culture of the elites, a commercial culture of the working classes, a youth culture of the youth. .., has a liberation goal!