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Festibière de Lévis: a fifth edition that offers many surprises and novelties

Festibière de Lévis: a fifth edition that offers many surprises and novelties

Fifth The Festibière de Lévis edition starts on Thursday at the Quai Paquet site, next to the Lévis crossing. for this v For the anniversary, the organization is planning several new features, including tastings of five exclusive products that will be commented on by a beer specialist.

The Beerfest team also took advantage of the 5th anniversary to change the theme of the event. Formerly known as “the art of tasting”, the theme became “Boire du pays”.

“It’s a theme focused on discovery, on travel, whether travel is in beer as much as it is in art or in music,” explains Alexandra Bolduc, Communications Director of Evenma, the event organizer.

This theme will translate in particular to the treasure hunt among the microbreweries, the vivid creation of a work painted on a car, the development of a giant group work in the form of a birthday card on the traditional giant letters of the Festibière and the presence of several musical groups. There will also be a “Silent Disco” with six DJs which will make people dance.

Beers, ciders and whiskey

More than 350 products will be presented among the 70 exhibitors who will be on site. This is a record for the event, in terms of the variety of products to be tasted. There will also be approximately thirty alcohol-free products, as this is a growing demand in popularity.

said the lady.I Bolduc.

For this special edition, festival-goers will have the opportunity to get tattooed on site and choose one from among works created especially for the occasion.

“For example, people will be able to get a casserole tattooed, all in a safe way given the nature of the event,” notes the spokesperson.

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While the weather forecast is uncertain at the moment, Perfest says it remains confident of beating last year’s attendance record.

“We’ll have Le Bucké pub to be covered, it’s not too small,” recalls MI Bolduc. And if conditions permit, microbreweries will have small tents in front of their kiosk to house people, so that it does not frighten us.

Back to the physical icons

Last year, Beerfest offered the ability to purchase virtual tokens through the Trendigo app. However, the option that proved popular caused a lot of problems for the organization, as the system stopped working several times during the events.

“We went back to physical tokens, but the remaining tokens purchased on the app are still valid, and eventually, we will go back to virtual tokens,” M specifies.I Bolduc.

Le Festibière de Levis takes place from June 29th to July 2nd.

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