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Fanny Willis breaks her silence

Fanny Willis breaks her silence

An attorney for one of Donald Trump's defendants accused last week of putting herself in a conflict of interest position, Fulton County Prosecutor Fanny Willis. He broke his silence On Sunday before the faithful of a black church in Atlanta that celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day, she defended the appointment of Nathan Wade as special prosecutor, with whom she would have a “personal and romantic” relationship, according to an attorney for Mike Roman, who has been charged with the former president and others with trying to overturn the results of the presidential election in Georgia for 2020.

“I've appointed three special prosecutors. It's my right. I've paid them all the same hourly rate,” said Willis, whose office has paid Lloyd more than $650,000 since his appointment in January 2022. “They only attacked one. You hired a white woman: a good personal friend and a great lawyer, a big star, I'm telling you. I hired a white man: my wonderful friend, and a great lawyer. And you hired a black man, another star, a great friend and a great lawyer. »

Willis has neither confirmed nor denied a romantic relationship with Wade, whom she has not spoken on behalf of. However, she said it was “incomplete.” Referring to the attacks and threats she has been exposed to for several months, she also declared that she often suffers from “loneliness” and “isolation.”

“I'm tired of being treated harshly,” she said, specifically attacking Republican Georgia state representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“I never want to be like those who attack me. I never want to be like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who never met me but left her mind filled with hate,” she said.

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Ashley Merchant, Mike Roman's attorney, responded to Willis' statements by saying that other special prosecutors appointed by the Fulton County District Attorney were not named in her claims because they had no prior “secret” relationships with her. She also noted that Wade had never participated in a criminal trial.

Donald Trump is now mentioning this controversy in his speeches to demand the cancellation of the trial against him in Georgia.

(Photo by Miguel Martinez)