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Exhibitions Paintings, Drawings: Aboriginal Art Exhibition: Australia’s Last Nomads – The Richter Family

Exhibitions Paintings, Drawings: Aboriginal Art Exhibition: Australia’s Last Nomads – The Richter Family

Visits by Encounter – Australia’s Last Nomads – We invite you to the other side of the world, to the great Victoria Desert of Australia’s south, for a majestic and rare exhibition at Strong’s Gallery, an Aboriginal signature in the Richter family. Collaborate with the arts community from the Spinifex Art Project.

Their story is amazing. In 1986, footprints were found near a sacred site in one of the most isolated regions of the planet. They are enigmatic and claim to have been isolated from their original community for more than 25 years, a clan that survived the harshness of the desert and had no contact with the modern world, dating back to the first settlements here.

Faced with constant drought and real dangers, the Anangu tribe, who live in the small community of Dzundjunjara, set out on an expedition into the desert to search for them.
Thanks to their knowledge of sung tracks, they follow in the footsteps of their ancestors, from aqueducts to water bodies, from ephemeral sites to permanent ones, like bush trackers noticing little visible evidence that a family still lives in these arid places.

1986: Discovery of Australia’s Last Hunters
After a long journey, a few days later, Australia’s last 7 nomads, members of the Wankatja linguistic group, along with their families called Richter.
It was a national event in Australia and beyond that made headlines just 37 years ago: lost brothers resurrect civilization.
It opened a new world for their parents, three brothers (Nolly, Ian, Mick) aged 19, 28 and 35, and Jarua Woods and his young son Damien. Being whitefellas (white men) to this day.

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This groundbreaking exhibition with artists from the Spinifex art project Ian Richter (1960), Nolly Richter, Mick Richter and Tjarua Wood reunited in Brussels was moving and striking and still resonates. Each of them would go on to become great artists through a unique journey through art history, before interacting with the modern world, from these last footprints to the walls of the world’s greatest museums today, like a temporal accelerator that connects us directly. The origin of the world, the essence of creation.