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A couple spends more than 500 days traveling than visiting a nursing home

A couple spends more than 500 days traveling than visiting a nursing home

These great grandfathers now live in the water for more than 500 days, or 51 consecutive cruises. They have not decided to stop this “wonderful life” and plan to extend their adventure for two more years.

Marty and Jess Ansen promise their unique lifestyle is less expensive than a retirement home. As mentioned in New York PostIt is based on an Australian television show A Current AffairThe retired couple chose to spend their retirement at sea, booking 51 cruises in a row for more than 500 days starting June 16, 2022.

Both decided to radically change their lifestyles in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and harsh prison terms imposed in their country. The grandparents have already spent 450 days aboard the 2,000-passenger Princess Cruise ship, and by now they’re used to it. With the number of days, they surpass many crew members including the captains.

But that’s not all. Marty and Jess have no intention of dropping anchor and plan to spend two more years on the water.

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

The couple assures the Australian TV show that this lifestyle is “more economical than staying in a retirement home”. Aside from the countless activities and stopovers on board, “we no longer have to do the dishes or make the bed,” laughs Marty. Every day, waking up is a game of ping-pong. Bong then enjoyed a few beers on their balcony.

“Everybody knows them on board, they’re celebrities,” laughs Ren Van Rooyen, director of the ship’s hotel, always with the same plan. Their journey on Princess Cruises will end within eight months of new adventures, perhaps with their eye on the crown princess.

As for their family, the couple visits them when they stop at nearby ports. “It’s a wonderful life,” they say.

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