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“Everyone was overwhelmed with what was going on”: FEQ slammed after an Imagine Dragons pass

“Everyone was overwhelmed with what was going on”: FEQ slammed after an Imagine Dragons pass

Spectators on stretchers, bracelet-less entrances, an endless wait for toilets and a supply of water bottles: critics swept after a highly anticipated pass for Imagine Dragons, Friday night, at the Festival d’été de Québec.

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If the FEQ announces the site’s maximum capacity shortly after 9:30 p.m., it’s already too late, according to many festival-goers, because mayhem has already set in on the Plains for a long time.

“Everyone was overwhelmed with everything that was going on. Several security guards panicked, there were volunteers crying, it was just horrible,” says Stephanie Benard at register.

She testified that the latter left the site after four songs because of this “brothel”.

Didier Debuscher/Le Journal de Quebec

Because of the intense heat and the crowds packed like sardines, many spectators were taken away on stretchers.

representative of register Those on the site, near the emergency services, numbered at least fifteen.

Despite the many comments on social media, the FEQ organizers will not be making “any major changes” to the Foo Fighters show tonight.

“We are expecting a slightly smaller crowd than last night and I think we have what it takes to welcome festival-goers and have an enjoyable experience,” confirms President and General Manager of FEQ, Nicolas Racine.

free entry

The deterioration of the previous day, denounced by the festival-goers, was caused by a breach of security that would have allowed hundreds of people to enter the site without even having bracelets on them, while the bearers themselves were seen blocking access.

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“I’m still cursed because I couldn’t get in. I bought my card a long time ago and was so excited to see this show. There were too many holes or else people would have climbed the 12-foot fences,” says Brigitte Champeau, exasperated by the commute from the beach. South of Montreal for free.

while trying, Newspaper He was able to confirm that it was easily possible to enter the site without having to search or register.

Several holes were also spotted in the fences, allowing many offenders to watch the show without having to pay.

However, the CEO of the festival defends himself by saying that he was not aware of this situation and that there are currently no problems with accessing the site.

Water shortage

Interviewed festival-goers deplored the 30-45-minute wait time to fill water bottles and the lack of water bottles on sale.

“It’s not normal to be able to keep selling beer, but not have more bottles of water when it’s too hot out there,” says Stephanie Benard, frustrated about her evening.

But Nicolas Racine specifies, however, that measures have already been taken, repeating that the number of fountains has doubled since last year.

He also claims to have distributed more point-of-sale water bottles in two days than he did in the 2022 FEQ total.

“I can understand that people have had some difficulties, but you have to set the record straight. When you have a big crowd like that, some festival-goers might struggle.

Mr. Racine confirmed that there were no plans to allow people to enter the site with a bottle filled with water.