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Even Cole Hutson doesn't expect to play for Lane next year

Even Cole Hutson doesn't expect to play for Lane next year

Everyone can't wait to see Lynn Hutson in Montreal.

That is why many held their breath when reading one of the last texts from colleague Charles Alexis Brisebois, in which we read that Danny Dube is afraid to see the defender not sign with the Canadian.

Because we both agree that the news will be very difficult, given that we have talked so much about the young man for almost two years, in Montreal and across the four corners of the NHL…

But now with a single tweet, Nicolas Cloutier (TVA Sports) has come to calm the storm.

In the tweet in question, Cloutier stated that Cole Hutson does not expect to play with his older brother Lane next year in Boston.

At least that's what Cole told him recently… and it still gives good clues for the future.

You should know that Cole Hutson is a good candidate for the upcoming NHL draft, but he is committed to playing He drank Over the next few years.

He basically followed in his older brother's footsteps.

However, the way he sees things gives good clues because Cole is Lane's brother and because he should be somewhat aware of what's going on in the life of the hopeful CH candidate.

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Lin has certainly shared his intentions with his family and the idea of ​​playing with Cole next year must certainly be appealing, as he says he's ready to return to the NCAA next year…

But he has to make a decision that ultimately benefits him, and it's a little hard to believe that Lin still has a lot to learn in the NCAA because he dominated the college circuit for two years.

Nothing is official yet because Len Hutson hasn't finished his season in Boston yet anyway. However, Nicolas Cloutier's tweet allows all future supporters to be encouraged.

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-Leon Draisaitl, proud Blue Jays fan?