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Cyclists will be pampered this winter

Quebec, January 14, 2022 Quebec City today revealed a list of bike ties that will be cleared of snow or prepared for the beginning of winter. Cyclists of all seasons will be pampered, as nearly 100 kilometers of bike lanes will allow them to travel safely in 2021-2022.

Each theme is listed in the appendix to this press release. However, let’s mention some notable additions this year:

  • The hub of the Technology Park, Watt Street and Chevremont Street, facilitating the link to Laval University;
  • Hochelaga Boulevard which connects Parliament Hill and Church Road in one line.

“Revitalizing our city is what we need right now,” said Bruno Marchand, mayor of Quebec. I am very happy with this new route the city is taking to promote active travel, both summer and winter. This is an excellent first step for our management towards a more dynamic and efficient city. “

“Our cyclists will be spoiled this year and this is only the beginning,” said Pierre-Luc Lachance, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee in charge of Transport, Mobility and Traffic. With this very interesting addition, we want to make four-season bikes more accessible and allow more people to choose how they travel. With these extra kilometres, we are giving citizens the option to forego traditional means and opt for active transportation. This is great news for our increasingly active city. “

Riding in all seasons, an increasingly popular exercise
Cyclists have doubled for four seasons over the years in Quebec, and for good reason. City is making continuous efforts to improve and develop its winter cycling network, in part through its vision of bike travel. A good example is the addition of nearly 15 kilometers of snow removed this winter compared to last year. The work is only in its infancy, as the city intends to continue its efforts by implementing its vision of active mobility in 2022.

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In Quebec, we say yes to courtesy
The cold season has its share of challenges on the way, especially with the accelerating darkness at the end of the day. The city reminds cyclists that they must make sure they appear to motorists, among other things by wearing brightly colored clothing or by installing flashing lights on their bikes, which is now mandatory under the Highway Safety Act. Motorists are encouraged to share the road and slow down and adapt their driving to weather conditions.

Cyclists who would like to learn more about bicycle network maintenance can refer to the web page


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