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Physiotherapists mired in a wave of bronchiolitis

Physiotherapists mired in a wave of bronchiolitis


France 3
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E. Bach, M. Martel, H. Pozzo, P.-M. from futa – France 3

France TVs

Bronchiolitis is re-emerging in France and affects many children. As a result, many Physiotherapists are exhausted.

Babies have been piling up in physiotherapy offices for several weeks due to bronchiolitisIt is a viral disease that attacks the airways of children. Babies should have physical pressure on the chest in order to release the airways. The artistic and subtle gestures that are repeated more and more often in specialized offices. “For two months now, I have 20, 25 babies a day‘,” says Sandrine Purvier, MD, a physical therapist.

According to the practitioner, the epidemic will come several weeks earlier, which explains the large influx in November in medical centers, as well as in hospitals. In France, nearly 1,400 young children were hospitalized with a viral infection during the week of November 8. The fact that it’s so strongly protected from viruses in 2020 made it even more vulnerable. To avoid contamination, barrier gestures remain a priority.

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