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Environmental activists paint the Grand Canal in Venice green

Environmental activists paint the Grand Canal in Venice green

Environmental activists from the group Extinction Rebellion (XR) threw coloring products into the Venice Grand Canal and several rivers in Italy on Saturday to protest the “failure” of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) on climate change.

In the middle of the afternoon, activists distributed a fluorescent green liquid in Venice’s Grand Canal, among passers-by, gondoliers and tourists, according to photos posted on social media.

At the same time, activists hanging on ropes and harnesses raised a banner from the famous Rialto Bridge, reading “COP28: While the government speaks, we are holding on by a thread.”

XR Italy noted on X’s website (formerly Twitter) that it had deployed fluorescein, a “harmless” dye.

The group expressed its regret that “the climate crisis is already having catastrophic effects on Italian soil, science tells us that it will get worse, and politics is wasting time on farce.”

“We are revolting against this inaction, and we cannot remain silent while our future is sold to the fossil fuel industries!”

Similar works were carried out in the Tiber River in Rome, in a canal in Milan, as well as in the Po River in Turin, according to photos published on social networks.

This measure comes three days before the conclusion of the United Nations climate conference being held in Dubai, amid negotiations on the exit of oil, gas and coal, while OPEC is trying to slow the dynamic against fossil energies.

In May, environmental activists painted the basin of Rome’s famous Trevi Fountain black after deadly floods in northeastern Italy, which they said constituted a “warning” about climate change.

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